Jazz spot "Basie" in Ichino-seki city

If you love Jazz, you should come here at least once before you die.

Here "Basie" in Ichinoseki, south part of Iwate prefecture, is called legendary JAZZ coffee shop.

What is so that great about?
The Sounds comes from the big speakers is surely the BEST in all over the Japan.

Since Mr.Sugawara starts this coffee shop in 1970, he has been evolved his amplifier and speaker.
HE is the legendary parson as audio specialist in Japan.

Because of this hightest quality of sound and cool atmosphere Mr. Sugawara creats, many Jazz fans keep visiting here not all over the Japan.

Even Count Basie, Elvin Jones used to visit here before - hundreds of autographs on the wall shows the history.

Yes, this is my most favourite room in Iwate.

Address: 7-17, Ji-nushi-machi, Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan
-->12min walk from Ichino-seki station
*better take taxi and ask "basie"
OPEN: when Mr. Sugawara opens (about 14:00~22:00)
Drink:Coffee about 1,000yen~

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